Country - Sunday

Cowboy Palace Saloon

Address 21635 Devonshire St.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone (818) 341-0166
Cover Free
Age 21+
Starts 6 PM - ?
Floor Wood
Dress Casual
Music Live
Other Cowboy Palace is no longer serving food.
Alternating Line Dance and Two Step Sets

The Ranch Saloon (Family Night)

Address 1025 E. Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92805
(Ground Floor of the Extron Building)
Phone (714) 817-4200


Age 10+
Starts 7:30 P.M. - ?12:30AM?
Floor Gorgeous Large Wood Floor: It's the Perfect Speed and Strictly Managed By "Dance Police." If you are picky about your dance floors you won't be disappointed here.
Dress Dress Code: Nightclub or Country Attire
"MEN: No shorts, sleeveless shirts, or baggy attire WOMEN: No Bathing Suit Tops
No Clothing that the management considers vulgar, offensive or otherwise likely to cause a disturbance, No Flying Colors, All hats must be worn with brims forward, No bandanas, Footwear must be worn at all times, No Flip flops, baseball, golf or football cleats, Work boots not permitted on the dance floor, No spurs, All footwear with laces must be tied, All sandals need back strap to go on dance floor
Music DJ

Ages 10 to 18 Must Be Accompanied By a Parent
One Parent Per Five Children is Required for Large Groups
Alternating Line Dance and Two Step Sets
The Ranch Saloon has a managed dance floor. Provocative and out of control dancing is not condoned and you may be asked to leave the dance floor. Freestyle dancing is only allowed when called by the DJ or the Band!
• The dance floor moves in a counter clockwise direction for Two Stepping.
Fast and experienced dancers on the outside of the floor, slow and beginners
dancers to the inside center of the floor. Out of control and intoxicated dancers will be asked off our dance floor by our staff. There is also no standing on the dance floor while a dance is in progress.
• The DJ or Band “calls” every dance to maintain dance floor flow and safety.
• Drinks of any nature are not allowed on the dance floor. This includes drinking
across the rail. There is no standing on the dance floor, as it impedes the flow of dancing.
• For the Safety of all of our patrons, dance lifts by experienced dancers
must be cleared by management or the DJ.
"Anything in view of a weapon or knife must be removed and placed in your car"
Mirror Ball Guitars over the dance floor
Step outside and see Disney's Fireworks show from the entrance to the club
Great lighting design at this venue. There are fantastic lights on the stage where the band is, but they don't hit the dance floor/blind the dancers.