Beginning Salsa Class Details

Mary Scanlon beautifully demonstrates salsa for the beginning dancer. She teaches step by step footwork, easy combinations, solid partnering technique, and tips for social dancing. You will learn alot in these fun classes.

Hollywood Dance Center
817 N. Highland Ave. (Just North of Melrose)
Hollywood, CA 90038

No Partner Needed:
We rotate partners as we learn the dance patterns, so you don't need a partner to join in the fun. It's a great place to make new friends.

Cost: $12/class (cash or check)

No need to pay in advance, but please RSVP here:
Los Angeles Salsa Dancing Meet-Up Group

Beginning Salsa: No Experience Needed
Aug. 16th

8:15- 9 P.M.
(Come 15 minutes early to check in)

Dress is casual. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable - some people wear button down shirts or cute skirts. Please do not wear watches, bracelets, or rings other than wedding/engagement rings in class. You will need to wear a good pair of shoes. If you have the option- stay away from tennis shoes, rubber soles, soles with tread, platform, and flip flop style shoes. Shoes with leather or suede soles will make it easier to dance. Ladies are encouraged to wear practice shoes, or heels. If you wear heels, they should be be no higher than 3" and the ankle strap must keep the shoe attached to your foot as you spin. Men do best in comfortable dress shoes with leather soles or dance shoes with suede soles, but all types of shoes will be permitted in Mary's beginning level classes.