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Dance Sneakers
It is common for dance teams, troops, and companies to combine partner dancing and solo dancing within the same routine. It is dangerous for women to do jazz jumps and hip hop in 3” Latin heels so many groups use dance sneakers for these types of routines. Dance sneakers generally have a gap between the heel and ball of the shoe to allow dancers to flex their arch. Because of this gap, it is easy to sprain your foot while spinning. It is especially important that these shoes fit snuggly. Worldtone has a great selection of dance sneakers.

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Practice Shoes
These are by far my favorite shoes! Generally they are black and come in a 1 ½” chunky heel for women. They look similar to a man’s International Latin shoe, but they have small holes for breathe-ability. I recommend Supadance or International brands (see ballroom and Latin shoes). These shoes are mostly bought ballroom and Latin dancers who spend a lot of time teaching and/or practicing.

I recommend this type of shoe to any female partner dancer who is itching to get out of their strappy heels after a few hours. It’s best to use these shoes in moderation. I always bring these shoes when I know I will have a long practice. I’ll wear my Latin shoes for a couple hours and then switch into my comfy shoes. Or I may teach in my practice shoes, if I’m going out dancing later that night. If I wear pants or jeans to a casual club, I may wear these shoes if I wore my Latin heels the night before. The key is to keep you and your partner used to the shoes you will perform or compete in.