No drunk dancing! Drinking alcohol and partner dancing don’t mix. Don’t drink alcohol when you are out dancing and avoid dancing with people who have been drinking alcohol.

Don’t be scared to dance with dancers who are better than you. Everyone was a beginner once. This will improve your dancing and they are less likely to do something to injure you.

In crowded clubs keep your movements and steps small. Style your arms up, down, or on your hips instead of out to the side.

Follows - Take small rock or back steps. A big rock or back step will make you feel "heavy" to your partner and in a crowded club you may step on someone. Don’t anticipate where you are going to be led. The lead may have to change what he was planning to do because someone suddenly took that spot. Don't throw yourself into dips. Instead support yourself and your own weight-especially if you are dancing with a stranger.

Leads- Protect the follows. Stay in your slot on the floor. A follow would rather safely do small basics for an entire song, than be hit or stepped on by the couples surrounding you. When doing dips, dip the follows head into the center of “your space”, not to the outside of it where she may be hit, elbowed, or kicked in the face by another dancer.

Don’t let anyone do anything to you that will make you feel uncomfortable. Just because you are dancing together, doesn’t mean they have the right to grope you. Stand up for yourself and be assertive.

Go out dancing with your partner or friends. Warn each other of dancers who are dangerous. Dancers who are drunk, lead aerials with strangers at crowded clubs, purposefully pull the woman’s hair to lead her in a dip, try to put their hands or your hands in inappropriate places, try to kiss or bite the person they are dancing with, or have very forceful leads/back leads. Unfortunately, they are all out there. I’ve danced with them all - once.