Never try to pressure your partner into doing a stunt they don’t feel comfortable trying. Aerials require confidence and trust to work.

When learning a new stunt, make sure you learn from a qualified instructor. Most aerial injuries happen when a couple is learning a new trick. A good instructor can minimize your chances of getting hurt.

You must warm up and stretch before doing stunts.

Hit the gym! Although people with minimal strength can do many aerials with proper technique, some aerials require a lot of strength. Also, when an aerial goes wrong, a strong lead has a better chance of keeping the follow from crashing into the floor.

To avoid injuries, women should wear dance sneakers or street sneakers when learning new stunts. Only after the stunt has been mastered in their sneakers, should they try it in dance heels.

Wear appropriate wardrobe.

You should master basic aerials technique (lead and follow, prepping, jumping, cartwheels, and landing), before trying the actual stunts with a partner.

Always learn on a soft surface, if the stunt allows. Mats are great. If mats are not available, you can learn on soft grass or carpet. Make sure the carpet is covering wood and is padded (not just covering cement!!!)

Make sure there is adequate light. The person being flipped often needs to be able to spot the ground.

Watch out for low ceilings, chandeliers, chairs, people, poles, etc. Don’t do aerials in crowded clubs.

If the stunt is higher than shoulder height or there is any chance your head could hit the floor, use a spotter until you and your partner have mastered the move.

If both you and your partner have never done the stunt before, you should each be able to complete it successfully with someone experienced before you try it with each other.

After you have succcessfully learned the preparation and isolated parts of the stunt and you are ready to try it for the first time as a whole, really go for it. No fear! You must have confidence and trust in yourself and in your partner. A half hearted try won’t give you enough momentum to get you safely through the trick.

Limit the number of times you do or try the same stunt in one day. I can't stress this enough. Doing the same stunt too many times can hurt you or your partner. If your partner wants to stop, they are probably hurt, sore, or bruised already. Don’t push them to try it one more time. Let them heal and come back to it the next week.

Know 1st Aid and CPR. Take a class with your partner and loved ones.

Have a cell phone nearby in case something goes wrong and you need to call for medical assistance.