Dance Boots

Evenin' Star PRO Dance boots are my favorite boots for country western dancing. They are available in a wide selection of foot widths and calf diameters. They are made of lycra which makes them very light and flexible. The men's and women's dance boots are designed to match each other. They are weltless, shankless, have rounded toes and a thin insole allowing the dancer to have proper dance technique while still having the great look of a tradional country western boot. When I wear them to country western dance clubs I get lots of compliments and people are always surprized to find out they are not leather. They retail for $259 before shipping ($14). Additional boot expenses may include sales tax, protector spray ($6.50), a dance shoe brush, and a boot bag.

Evenin' Star PRO Boot Sizing:
So even though I've narrowed down your boot company options to one brand (Evenin' Star) and one type (PRO). (If you know of other quality dance boots please let me know! However, I haven't found any other company with this quality of country western dance boot.) You will still have a lot of choices to make on your order.

Unless your foot is more pointed near the big toe, you will probably want to choose a more rounded toe (26 for women and 21 for men) so that you can avoid having empty space in the front of the boot.

Women's Evenin' Star Pro Dance Boots run between 1/2 to 1 American shoe size too big. Women order your boots at least a 1/2 size smaller than your American shoe size. I wear an American size 9 but my Evenin Star PRO dance boots are size 8. Men's pro dance boots are more acurately sized.

Men will want to order the Cheyenne. The standard PRO woman's boot is the Dusti. The Vickie comes in a C width (this a wide width- average width is a B) and has the pulls (straps for pulling on your boots) on the inside. If you have seen my skintone PRO Dusti's I order them with the pulls on the inside. The black boots pictured here have them on the outside. Women with very large calves do well in the Debbie (available standard in a B or C width.). The Kacey is for women with thin calves. It is also 14" tall instead of the standard 13". Custom orders are also available.

New Boot Trick:
The throat of dance boots are made a little tight so that your heel doesn't slip while dancing. If the throat of the boot is a little snug and you have trouble getting into your new boots, try using a plastic bag on your foot to help it slide in. If that works, leave your boots on for 15 minutes to help break them in. Then take it on and off a few times with the plastic bag and then try again without the bag. If you have the correct size for you, you should then be able to get into it without the help of a plastic bag. You want the fit to be snug, but not hurt.

Lycra Boot Care & Accessories:
In addition to a shoe brush you will also want to use Meltonian Water & StainProtector if you have lyrca boots. If you buy "skintone" lycra boots you must spray them before you dance in them. The skintone boots make for long leg lines and match any outfit, but if you wear them without spraying them first and regularly they will get scuff marks all over them. Evening Star has the lowest prices I've seen for it (if you don't count shipping) so go ahead and order them with your boots since it won't change the shipping cost. Champion Dance Shoes in Los Angeles also has water and stair protector available for purchase in store. I don't recomend Evenin' Star boot bags for women as they are way bigger than they need to be. They are probably bigger than need be for men's boots too. Champion sells shoe bags, but not boot bags. It's best to make your own (Mood offers free sewing classes in Los Angeles and online) or order from another online vendor.

Where To Purchase:

You can buy Evenin' Star Pro dance boots at Champion if you are in Los Angeles:
Champion Dance Store
3383 Barham Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 874-8704
Store Hours
Monday - Saturday 10 -6
Sunday 12-4

You can order them *online at:
*If you need to return something to Evenin' Star (the boot does not fit etc.) you must pay for the return shipping yourself.